Day 5

Woke up absolutely freezing and stayed cold all day. For breakfast I had this sort of deconstructed hash brown with onion in it, it tasted nice when I added salt and ketchup.We then did a bit of theory work and then had to get in the 8 degree pool again which properly is illegal at... Continue Reading →


Day 4

Not the best day. I woke up in a terrible mood and had a horrible breakfast. All we did was theory work for 9 hours which was horrible.  I learned if you ask the kitchen staff they will give you extra portions which is amazing when there is spaghetti.  After being so tired and so down... Continue Reading →

Day 3

Woke up at a lovely 6:50 and struggled to get ready. Had the most surgary breakfast of my life that consisted of cinnamon toast with maple syrup, hot chocolate, sugar porridge. Then we got sent to aquatics school and did theory until around 10:40. We then had to get a in an 8 degrees pool... Continue Reading →

Day 2

The breakfast was shit and there wasn't even beans or hash browns. We then went to target to get some food and had our first icee which was incredible. Then we got the long bus to Pennsylvania, which I slept the whole way through. Arriving at cedar lake camp (aquatic school) it was raining the whole... Continue Reading →

I’m off to camp! 

Day 1  Leaving the house was emotional. When I drove off I realised it was the last time I was seeing my family, pets, friends and house for 3 months. On the way to the air port I just chatted to my dad and should've slept but couldn't.  Arriving at the airport was fine and... Continue Reading →


There's not much to say on orientation other than there's lots of energy and they tell you again everything you need to know about camp. They played games with us, went through serious stuff, our flights, what to expect at camp and coming home.  I met one girl, meg who is at my camp so... Continue Reading →

The rag doll 

As a teenage girl I don't understand boys, and one thing I know for sure is that as a woman I will not understand boys. Boys are an enigma. They love you and you mean the world to them and they want nothing more than to be with you.  But ...  They also speak to... Continue Reading →

Medical form disaster

Up until my medical form was due I did not declare that I had depression and other issues previously in the past. This was asked on my application, at my interview and when I got placed. I didn't disclose at any of these stages. Because i had been to the doctor over these issues my... Continue Reading →

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