Day 14

My last day of WSI. I passed all my practicals and all my theory work which was amazing. I was so sad to leave my teachers and they got choked up realising how well we all did and that they had spent the last week teaching us everything they know from thief own experience. Today was ask my last time to see so many people I had made such good friends with. Before I boarded the bus for shoshanim I took pictures and said my final goodbyes to all my friends. 

On the way to shoshanim we were allowed to get a McDonald’s so naturally I got 20 chicken nuggets, a large drink and a burrito from Taco Bell. 

When we arrived at camp it was a horrible shock. We had no staff and only a few counsellors who had been at cedar lake before. It looked like a ghost town and was covered in fog. It was actually a horrible shock. 

We finally got food and shown to our bunks and we all started to settle down. Loads of the girls were crying and they honestly needed to get a grip. 


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