I’m off to camp! 

Day 1 

Leaving the house was emotional. When I drove off I realised it was the last time I was seeing my family, pets, friends and house for 3 months. On the way to the air port I just chatted to my dad and should’ve slept but couldn’t. 

Arriving at the airport was fine and I already started meeting people who were going to the same camp as me (Amy). After checking in me and my family went and got coffee. I answered and sent all my good bye messages to everyone online and then it was time to go through security. This was the only difficult bit where I wanted to cry so I took a deep breath and hugged my mum and dad and tried not to turn back. After going through security I went and met loads of other camp America people and just chilled with them. 

After going to my gate I boarded the plane and was surprised with the comfort. Not doing a long haul flight in so long I forgot how long they were so I watched the girl on the train, nocturnal animals, and hacksaw bridge. The food was actually really nice and they wouldn’t stop feeding us. I had my last alcoholic drink for the summer, a bottle of wine. 

Arriving in Newark airport I was shattered as I didn’t sleep the whole 8 hours and Newark is 5 hours behind the uk. We got a bus to the hotel and got given some sandwiches and a room key. I luckily got in the room first and got a nice double bed to myself. 


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