Day 5

Woke up absolutely freezing and stayed cold all day. For breakfast I had this sort of deconstructed hash brown with onion in it, it tasted nice when I added salt and ketchup.We then did a bit of theory work and then had to get in the 8 degree pool again which properly is illegal at home. I came out blue and it was so windy. I luckily got a lift up the hill in the back of bobs truck.

At lunch we had mac and cheese so I got an extra portion – the whole time I’ve been here I’ve been having a bowl of sweet corn with each meal. 

We then had to get back in the water but before I did I saw a bear that must’ve been around 8 months old. It got chased away but it was one of the most incredible things I’ve seen. As a part of passing the course you have to dive down 9 feet and collect a brick off the floor. I struggled and tried so much but it’s so difficult cause I thought it was way deeper than what it was. Eventually ffiona told me that my pool at home is actually deeper and I can go to the floor on that. So I did it and magnates to drag it to the side in 1 min and 6 seconds which is apparently pretty quick. I also got the worst sunburn on my face. 

Me, Emma and alannah had a little jamming sesh once everyone left our cabin and we had a shower. It lifted my mood so much and they seem like such nice girls. We then went to dinner which was chicken burgers and chips which just tasted like mcds.


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