Day 3

Woke up at a lovely 6:50 and struggled to get ready. Had the most surgary breakfast of my life that consisted of cinnamon toast with maple syrup, hot chocolate, sugar porridge. Then we got sent to aquatics school and did theory until around 10:40. We then had to get a in an 8 degrees pool and swim 22 lengths, pick up rings, pick up a brick and tread water for 2 mins. I passed just about with all the cold. We then did the American rescue fir drowning which seems so stupid compared to the British. Lunch was good cause it was pizza. I’ve learned that you need to eat as much of what you’re given no matter how bad it tastes because you’re always hungry. After lunch we did more swimming and then rushed back and I was the last in the shower and was so glad it was still warm. For dinner we had burritos which was pretty decent. After this we decided to go to New York for the weekend and started looking at hotels sand have decided to go to a yankees baseball game. I went to sleep exhausted and slept through the whole night. 


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