Visa application and US embassy appointment 

Visa application:

This is one of the most stressful things you can do.

Remember get a cup of tea out on some nice music and have about 2 hours free time to do this.

The visa application required help from both my parents. The questions are tricky and the site is super official. You need to get everything right so I suggest reading over your answers after yu finish each page. The requirements for the pictures are also super specific and you need to get them correct so you’re not having a cuffufle at the actual embassy.

Once you’ve completed your visa application you then need to pick your embassy appointment. I was lucky enough that there was one 2 days later and only one slot left. Camp America only has embassy appointments on certain days so you need to be free or there may not be another free for over a month.

The embassy appointment: 

So I travelled up to London again on the mega bus and arrived at the US embassy where I was met by camp America staff. 

(REMINDER!! Make sure you have all the correct paperwork with you!!) 

The camp America staff checked over my paperwork and I queued up to enter the embassy.

The embassy is very official and a lot of people have guns …. They check all of your bags and belongings and you go through a security check. Then you enter the building hand over some paper work and then head to another waiting area for your number to be called. 

Once your number is called you go to a dark hand over your paper work and then are asked your purpose of the trip, what your role is, how long you will be there and where you will be staying.

Then they approve your visa or not! 

You are then sent to another desk and your finger prints are taken and here the final checks and questions are asked. 

This whole process literally takes 20 minutes and was easy as pie. 

You then just wait for your passport to come back with your visa inside. 

Hooray you’re one step closer to America! 


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