The rag doll 

As a teenage girl I don’t understand boys, and one thing I know for sure is that as a woman I will not understand boys.

Boys are an enigma.

They love you and you mean the world to them and they want nothing more than to be with you. 

But … 

They also speak to other girls, never show you off, only think the world of you when no one else is around, and lie.


And boys like good.

From all movies and books I have learned one simple message: if a boy loves you he will cut any girl off you don’t trust, show you off, surprise you, and never EVER hurt you.

My rag doll analogy: 

I feel teenage boys think of girls as rag dolls, something to pick up and play with and leave just as quick as they came. The rag doll is adored when they first get a hold of it, it’s the best thing in the world and they want to show all their friends how amazing their rag doll is. 

But the rag doll becomes used and worn out after being played with for so long. It’s become boring and the same games are always played. 

The boy no longer wants the old and boring rag doll.

The boy finds a new rag doll in secret so the other rag doll never finds out it’s being replaced. 

The new rag doll is told how beautiful and how much he loves the rag doll. 

The old rag doll still thinks she  is loved.

In time the boy realises he just wants the new rag doll and throws away the old rag doll without a care.  The old rag doll feels rejected. Was my hair not good enough? Did I not enjoy his games enough? Was my smile not pretty enough? 

Boys think of girls as rag dolls. Something to love and cheris until a new rag doll comes along


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