Medical form disaster

Up until my medical form was due I did not declare that I had depression and other issues previously in the past. This was asked on my application, at my interview and when I got placed. I didn’t disclose at any of these stages.

Because i had been to the doctor over these issues my doctor did declare it on the form. 

I didn’t sleep for around 3 nights because I was worrying over weather or not I would be rejected from the programme. I made the mistake of googling camp americas view on these issues and all it said was I would be fired and kicked off the programme.

 I was gutted. Not only had a paid a significant amount by this time, but it was dream to go to America for the summer before university. 

Finally after sending in my medical form they emailed me asking me for more information on the issues and eventually after me constantly emailing and ringing got back to me on my placement. 

Success my camp was ok with what had happened in my past. They “looked forward to seeing me in the summe”. Just to clarify these issues were from over 4 years ago so the policy may be different if you have recent issues with mental health. 

If I could go back I would save myself (sleep!) and stress and just tell them straight away but me being young and stupid just thought I could hide it until it went away.


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