I GOT PLACED // London recruitemt fair 

So I decided fuck it I’m going to a recruitment fair.

I went to the last one in London in February and it was actually the first time I had been to London.

Off me and mother went on the mega bus (which was so cheap if I can say) and we navigated our way to the conference centre.

When we arrived I said farewell to my mum and got a sticker that said I had already been interviewed. I then waited in line and headed in.

We were all seated and some of the camp america staff talked to us about selling ourselves to the camps and what we should or shouldn’t say. They also told us what to do if we don’t get placed.

I talked to my top 6 camps I wanted to go to and rejected at everyone. All the camps had loads of people wanting to speak to them or were extremely specific in what type of people they wanted. I went on to speak to other camps that needed people like me and got more rejections. It was becoming pretty disheartening at this point because I felt no one wanted me and had been to so many camps. 

Finally I went to the last camp which was a orthodox Jewish camp in Pennsylvania. I chatted away to them about my skills and they offered me a place. 

Joy! Happiness! Love! Fulfilment! 

So I’m placed. And I could not be happier.


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