The interview 

The good thing about a camp America interview is that you can pick your interviewer. I looked through the long list and chose the person that looked most approachable and similar to me. 

We messaged back and forth deciding on a date and time and place to meet.

Before you can do your interview you do have to pay the £35 interview fee. 

The day of the interview was daunting. As someone who has had many job interviews this was the most laid back one I’ve ever had. The interview was in a local Starbucks and my interviewer was lovely and calmed all my nerves. 

(Just a tip, you don’t need to dress super formal or anything I just went in jeans and a jumper and a pair of vans.)

First she read me a safeguarding policy and some of the rules to understand at camp. 

Next was question time. She asked me some questions about myself and my application and I showed her evidence of me being a lifeguard and other relevant qualifications. 

After this was some scenario questions like “what would you do if a child was crying?”, “what would you do if a child was home sick?” Etc etc. 

Remember to stay calm and be truthful and big yourself up big time. List everything that is good and amazing about yourself. The camps want to know you not someone you think they want. 

After the interview it gave me time to ask questions, and I asked hundreds!

Asking more questions puts your mind at rest and also shows how enthusiastic you are. 

Once I left Starbucks I finished any last bits of my application and began the waiting game. I came out very positive and excited for camp and praying I get placed!!


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