Am I lonely or do I really miss him?

Recently I broke it off with my boyfriend just before I went to America. This was the second time we had broken up and it was for good. After the first time we broke up all I did was cry and listen to sam smith on repeat. I was a huge emotional mess and all... Continue Reading →


Camp America 2017 

I finished camp america  During my time I didn’t have access to internet all the time so took to writing my daily diary in a actual physical diary instead, which I why I stopped uploading here.  It actually got very personal and has made me realise a lot about my life, my future, other people... Continue Reading →

Day 14

My last day of WSI. I passed all my practicals and all my theory work which was amazing. I was so sad to leave my teachers and they got choked up realising how well we all did and that they had spent the last week teaching us everything they know from thief own experience. Today was... Continue Reading →

Day 13

I missed breakfast again because sleep is way more important. When I went down to my WSI class Ashleigh was desperate for the gossip from the night before. Me and joe forgot to tell everyone we took a detour so apparently everyone thought we were shagging haha which we weren't, I'm classy.  It also meant... Continue Reading →

Day 12

WSI is probably the easiest course I've done. We just learn about the science of swimming and then plan lessons and pretend to be 5 year olds in swimming lessons. I met a few people while playing cards which I won surprisingly. I'm normally shit at cards but I won nearly all games. Loads of people... Continue Reading →

Day 10

Getting up by 7:30 again was actually horrible. And remembering how bad the breakfast is made me want to go home. I've tried bothering with some other girls while at WSI school and they seem lovely. They are much more down to earth and actually ask me questions when we talk. 

Day 9 

We headed to a bagel shop which had the most authentic bagels that were just amazing. I also tried dunkin doughnuts which was so good but a bit pricey. We then had to go to some shops alex wanted to go to 🙄. We then ended up in Central Park and saw the Puerto Rico... Continue Reading →

Day 8 

I have fallen in love with New York!  I have decided it's the place to be and I will do everything I can to live there!  We all got ready by around 10 and left to go explore Central Park. We found this cool grocery store and bought some amazing food and I got to... Continue Reading →

Day 7

After completing my lifeguarding and water front safety course I rushed to get ready and go to New York. I left on the bus going with most people I don't like but I wanted to see New York and leave camp for the weekend. The bus was easy to get to and I bought fags... Continue Reading →

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